Year 4

Welcome! In Year 4 at Holy Souls, we are excited about creating opportunities for all children to immerse themselves fully into Key Stage 2 and the exciting challenges that it will bring.

After a year adapting to Key Stage 2, our pupils will now understand their role as independent learners within school. We expect them to master key skills such as organisation and time management but also to continue their commitment towards learning. They will think for themselves, show determination, not being afraid to make mistakes all of which will see them consistently recognised as number 3 learners.

We have high expectations of our children in Year 4, their behaviour, their effort and their learning outcomes but we will endeavour to equip them with everything they need to be successful. We want each child to enjoy what they are learning and be the best they can be.

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Our Learning

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We create displays on what makes us unique.
We strive to be a number 3 learner every day.