Here at Holy Souls we have a wide range of extra-curricular clubs available to our children. Some of the clubs are provided by outside companies and are charged at either £2.00 or £4.00 per session; others are provided by members of staff and incur no charge.

The clubs are always very popular with the children and enjoyed by all.

Current Clubs - 2023

The table below outlines clubs available this term.

Day Club Time
Monday Dance (External Coach) Until 3.45pm
Tuesday Kick Boxing (External Coach) Until 3.45pm
Tuesday Soul Singers Choir (Mrs Stephenson) Until 3.45pm
Monday Netball (Miss N Finnegan) Until 4.00pm
Wednesday Year 5 and Year 6  Football (Coach Dylan) 8.00am
Thursday Year 3 and Year 4 Football (Coach Dylan) 8.00am
Thursday Year 2 Irish Dancing (Miss C Finnegan) Until 3.45pm
Thursday Year 1 Multi Sports (Coach Dylan) Until 3.45pm
Thursday Design Technology Club (Miss Maye)
Friday Years 4/5 Basketball Club (Coach Dylan) 8.00am
Friday Computer Club (Mr Aqbal) 8.00am
Various   Y6 and Y4 Booster Groups 8:00am
Daily Outdoor Library (The librarians) Lunchtime
Daily Art and Craft (St Teresa’s) Lunchtime
Daily Lego Club (St Teresa’s) Lunchtime
Daily Forest School Throughout the school day
Daily The Prayer Garden (Young Disciples) Lunchtime
Daily Play Partners (Year 5 pupils) Lunchtime

Outdoor Lunchtime Library

Visit the outdoor library which led by our Library Leaders every lunchtime to become a Book Worm and share an exciting range of books –either on your own or with a friend. Take the time to snuggle up with a great story!

Dance Club

Offered to 30 girls and boys, dance club gives children the opportunity to learn freestyle dancing to a variety of different genres.

Led by JDC Dance, children are taught three different dances showcasing solo and group dynamics.

Multi-Skills Club

Led by Miss N Finnegan, multi-skills is offered to 30 Key Stage 2 girls and boys. Multi-skills club gives children the opportunity to develop their skills and techniques within a range of different sports.

Children showcase their skills in competitions in and out of school based on rounders, high-5 netball, athletics and dodgeball.

Lunchtime Art Club

Mrs Jaskiewicz and Mrs Larkin helps develop skills in all areas of artwork from many media. Available to all pupils throughout the year.

Lunchtime Environmental Club

Working with Acocks Green Village in Bloom we have a keen group of pupils who ensure our environment is litter free and pleasant to be in.

Football and Basket Ball Club

Led by Coach Colm and Coach Dylan this is a great way to start the day!

Lego and Rubic Lunchtime Club

A great way to develop your thinking skills!