Pupils' Roles

We have fantastic children at Holy Souls School who are keen to participate fully in the life of the school. As such they are voted into various roles within school.

School Council (HSSC)

Our School Council.

Every class has a School Councillor who is elected by their peers.

Every pupil is a member of their Class Council and under the guidance of their School Councillor have opportunities to share their views and ideas.

The Council meet once a half term with the Deputy Head and Headteacher and bring forward ideas on how the children in their class think the school can be improved. These are discussed and often taken on to a whole school assembly and shared with all the children for their thoughts. Sometimes these come back to School Council for further discussion, refinement and then implementation..

Here are a few quotes from the School Council about our school:

  • "The teachers are nice." Gabriella
  • "You feel very welcome at the school." Romi
  • "You only get work that you are capable of." Samuel
  • "The teachers work hard to achieve great expectations." Kian
  • "I like The Pochin School because the teachers are great." Shane
  • "The children will play with you." Eva-Maria
  • "The teachers are very approachable." Lucia
  • "I like the work we do." Niam

Also see: Meet the School Council (pdf)

RE Council

Our RE Council.

We are Holy Souls' RE Council. We lead prayer and worship across the school. We lead prayer in assembly. Our role is to help develop prayer and Catholic life in our school. We visit each class to help the children to develop their faith. We do it by:

Whole School Support

  • Preparing and Leading Services each half term;
  • Delivering homework about the Gospel;
  • Setting up Prayer Services (practise readings, choose other children to read, etc.);
  • Lead occasional liturgical services/prayers e.g. Rosary, Stations of the Cross;
  • Setting up for prayer and reflection time;
  • Organisation of timetables for prayer garden and church visits;
  • Producing books - eg. Saints day celebrations, November prayers, charity certificates, etc.

Classroom Support

  • Hand out Service notes weekly to staff;
  • Distributing ethos information to staff;
  • Support with altars - taking photographs of altars, checking resources and asking staff if they need new resources;
  • Writing and searching for new prayers - sharing with staff;
  • Take photographs of displays;
  • Reminding staff about Saints Day celebrations.

Church/School/Parents Support

  • Help with sacramental programme (party, candles, showing to seats at Communion, etc.);
  • Help show new parents and children round school;
  • Introduce new children to welfare staff and other members of staff;
  • Help at parents' evenings, open evenings, concerts, etc.

Charities and Fundraising

  • Producing posters, distributing letters, selling raffle tickets, organising prizes, etc.
  • Preparing displays on charities.

Quotes from some of our RE Council:

  • "I like praying and go to Mass. I'm very holy. I pray with the little children in the prayer garden." Cavan
  • "I show the Gospel Values in the way I help others. I love raising money for different charities. I pray for the sick. I like sharing my ideas of how I can help others in the community." K'deeann
  • "I follow in Jesus' footsteps by raising money for Cafod and other charities. I like leading prayer time and reading the Gospel." Noel
  • "I am an altar server. I help Father at Church. I'm serving Jesus and our community. I am looking forward to writing my own questions about the Gospel and helping others to understand who Jesus is calling them to be." Arnon
  • "I like leading in my class and I'm looking forward to leading charity events, Collective Worship and other activities around the Gospel at school." Mia

Altar Servers

Our Altar Servers have two main duties - to assist the priest during the celebration of Mass and help the people pray by your example. This is done through specific actions and by setting an example to the congregation by active participation in the liturgy (hymns, responses, etc.), by looking alert and sitting or standing at the appropriate times.

Would you like to be an Altar Server? If you are in Year 3 and made your First Communion you can become an Altar Server. This is what you would need to do:

Before Mass

  • Arrive 15 minutes before the start of Mass;
  • Dress into alb, cincture, and appropriate cross or medal;
  • You might help prepare the Altar;
  • You might make sure the candles are lit, bread, wine, water, towels, bowl, prayer book, and any other sacramentals are in their proper place;
  • Stand in the Sacristy until Mass starts;
  • Say special prayer before Mass with Father;
  • Then the bell rings and you would process. Sometimes you may hold the processional cross or be a candle bearer.

During Mass

  • Carry crucifix during beginning procession;
  • Hold Sacramentary book for priest;
  • Assist in setting the altar table;
  • Carry candles during offertory procession;
  • Hold pitcher and finger bowl so the priest can wash his hands;
  • Clear altar after communion;
  • Carry crucifix during ending procession.

After Mass

  • Replace crucifix in Sacristy;
  • Replace alb, stole, and cross or medal.

Guardian Angels

Our Guardian Angels team up with the Reception children and we welcome them to Holy Souls' School. We are friendly faces in the playground and always somebody to turn to.

We sit with the Reception children in Mass and we set a good example of how to listen, pray and sing in Church.

Play Partners

Our Year 6 pupils take it in turns to be play partners with the children in Key Stage 1 at lunchtime. Outside in the playground the Year 6 pupils play games and teach them how to use the play equipment properly. They also read books with the children from our Lunchtime Library. It is lovely to see so many friendships blossoming!

Lunchtime Assistants

Some of our older children enjoy helping our Lunchtime Supervisors in the hall by serving salad, pouring water and generally helping the younger children whilst they are eating their lunches. This responsibility develops the children’s understanding of helping others.

Library Leaders

This year we have introduced our mobile Lunchtime Library to the playground. This has been a huge success and is used daily by children who prefer to spend their recreational time reading. The Lunchtime Library is led and managed by a team of Library Leaders who keep the books organised and also share books with others.

Internet Safety Leaders

Each class have two Internet Safety Leaders who are responsible for keeping a close eye on the use of the internet in the classroom or the computer suite. They regularly remind the rest of the class of our school Internet Safety rules - such as not sharing passwords. Every classroom has Internet Safety posters on display which were designed by the Internet Safety Leaders.