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Year 4 Assembly: Feast of Christ the King

Year 4 presenting their assembly.

21 November 2018

On Sunday the 25th November it is the Feast of Christ the King marking the end of the Church’s liturgical year.

Year 4 presented their assembly to the school and parents through songs, acting and their thoughtful words.

We were introduced to four kings, the best of which, the King of Hearts was like Jesus. Both of whom offer us forgiveness, love, welcome and invite us to have a relationship with them one which will make our lives even more beautiful.

We should all let Jesus know whether we will open the door of our hearts and let him in to be the King.

The children shared this beautiful prayer with us:

Thank you Jesus that you are the best King we could ask for. Thank you that you want to be with us in our hearts. Thank you that you love us and will always be with us. We invite you to be the King of our hearts. Help us to follow your ways and live well in your Kingdom. Amen.